ThumbsUp is a flexible PHP voting script. It allows visitors to vote for anything you want on your website. An admin area and six different templates are included.

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Highlighted features

Flexible templates

When you add a ThumbsUp item to your page, you are free to pick a template (a style) of your choice for each item. This template can be changed at any time, while maintaining the vote results. Here is a list of all templates.


Custom result formats

ThumbsUp ships with a slick “result formatting system” giving you a lot of control over how you'd like to display the vote results.

IP and user ID check

To prevent double votes, ThumbsUp sets cookies. You have the option to also enable an IP check. Both cookie and IP lifetime are configurable. Moreover, ThumbsUp also allows integration with your user system. If you provide a callback which returns the current user ID, you can enable a user ID check as well (or even force users to be logged in to vote).

Well-commented code

You get clean, well-commented, unobfuscated code when you buy ThumbsUp, making it easy to extend the code or learn from it.

Sorting/filtering items

ThumbsUp provides you with some functions to sort and filter items. For example, get all items ordered by vote balance, or, find all “tutorial” items ordered by the number of votes, etc. Read more about this in the documentation.


Support for MySQL…

…and other databases. All data­base access goes through PDO. Check out the other system requirements before buying.


Well, this page is filled with demo ThumbsUp items, as you can see.

You can have a look at the live admin area too. Login with:

Note: the admin area requires JavaScript to be enabled.

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So, what are buyers saying?

This is just a selection of comments given on the script.

As you can see, I'm also demonstrating the use of different result formats in the mini_thumbs items below the quotes.

Default format: '{+BALANCE}'

“I got this a while back and finally got around to installing it — it was a breeze. Gave my site a whole new interaction with users – even set the forum discussions off! GeertDD thanks a bundle. Buy this app its totally worth it!” —scandic

76% agrees
Format: '{PCT_UP}% agrees'

“The coding is superb, clean, organized. I highly recommend this script to others. […] Do not hesitate to buy this script. It’s of the highest quality.” —mozunk

157 out of 207 agree
Format: '{UP} out of {TOTAL} agree'

“Totally worthwhile purchase. The integration was amazingly simple, skinning was a breeze, the admin area is a nice bonus, […], INSANELY neat code, the list goes on and on. Easily one of the best items I've purchased yet.” —clarklab

75 agree, 44 don't
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